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Clinch Lumber Co.

The Clinch Lumber Company is a small logging and sawmill operation. Their business is primarily in the harvesting and finishing of American Linden trees. This is a fast growing, tightly grained, tree, which is a good source of structural lumber* for the construction industry.

Clinch Lumber Company operates a log load out facility located on a spur off the New River Electric Railway and Lighting Company’s main line at Hill Valley. Here logs are loaded onto log buggies using a Barnhart loader. The logs are delivered from the load out to the their sawmill in Franklin using a class B Shay and a bobber caboose. It is reached via trackage rights over TNRER&L and the Cumberland Southern Railway.

Cumberland Southern Railway serves the sawmill in Franklin, picking up boxcars of finished lumber and hoppers of wood chips.






*Basswood comes from the American Linden tree.


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